Graph Databases and the Demoscene Universe

Rapha & Bacter, esatus

Audience: Everyone who is interested in Identity Management and Graph Databases

Relational databases are used for ages. Due to the limitation of showing complex relations between attributes with relational databases the use of graph databases is gaining importance. In our demonstration we want to outline relations between demosceners, demo events and competitions with a graph database for demonstrating the benefit of a well hyped buzzword of 2017.

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How to Scene for Beginners

Saga Musix

Explaining the Revision event for everyone, incl. short presentation about the intranet, timetable, opening, how to upload an entry, off-party stuff to get involved in and Q&A.

Meet&greet - the newcomer mentors introduce themselves (or are shown as slides in case they can't make it in time).

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Thinking in Binary: The Making of HoustonTracker 2

utz/irrlicht project

Audience: Anyone with a love for obscure platforms and/or low-level sound synthesis

Writing a tracker for a calculator? Why would anyone want to do that? Well, like with any demoscene production, one valid answer is: Because it's a unique challenge, and challenges are fun.

Prepare yourselves for an insight into the making of HoustonTracker 2, a music editor running natively on Texas Instruments' Z80-based line of graphing calculators. Kicking off with an overview over the platform specs and a brief explanation of the 1-bit sound synthesis techniques used in HT2, the main part of this talk will focus on the specific challenges that were encountered in the process of making this tool, and how they were dealt with.

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Belgian Beers for System Architects


After many request from those who experienced and survived the 2016 "Belgian Beers For Experts" we have a follow-up seminar.

  • A participation fee of 7.50 Euro is requested for taking part in this seminar, as we have to pay for the beers you will taste
  • There will be an attendance limit of 30 people as we need to keep the tasting manageable
  • Drunk people will not be allowed in
  • Seminar is 18+
  • There will be no toilet breaks, be prepared!

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Size restricted music on PC isn't rocket science (seminar & workshop)

Punqtured, Gopher & Blueberry

Audience: Musicians and coders who wants to learn about doing music for size restricted PC 4k and 8k intros.

During the seminar, Punqtured will talk about the publically available 4k synths, how they compare and what you should be aware of before choosing which one you want to use. He will debunk the myth that you need to be a math wizard or a brilliant coder to compose for 4k and 8k intros, and guide you through the use of the little tool, Blueberry deviced to aid musicians in keeping size down when using his synths. You'll also get a quick tour of all you need to be aware of, when creating instruments and composing songs generally.

The seminar will feature examples as well as provide easy to understand tips and tricks that you can use in the following workshop, where Gopher and Blueberry will join in. The workshop will be directly after the seminar, and will allow you to actually try the new stuff you've learned. Coders can get help getting started with implementing a synth in their 4k framework and musicians can ask questions and get help and examples to get started.

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Audience: Any scener interested in description and analysis of the Demoscene in particular aesthetic and technical characteristics of prods and scene-specific creative processes. 

Continuously growing Web archives with large expression variance are mirroring the styles, interests, creativity, and social behaviour of the scene. 

With DEMOAGE these distributed heterogeneous sources can be integrated and organised to support access and intelligent data-driven processing. 

In this seminar the DEMOAGE model to describe Demoscene artworks is presented and the scene itself is required to collaboratively create value. 

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Rasterbars and a new firmware for the RR-Net MK3


Audience: Anyone who likes to do hardware near coding

Booting the C64 via LAN like a PC.

The Firmware of RR-Net MK3 (Networkcartridge for C64) was not suffient, leading to a several years improvement project I would like to share with you. 

Concluding the seminar a hands on part will be held to give interested audience the possibility to get in contact with the new RRnet environment.

But what has this to do with rasterbars? Nothing. But there has been a public request to explain how rasterbars work, and I'm going to show in about five minutes how it was implemented in the Atari 2600 VCS Demo "Bang!" at the beginning of the talk.

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Makepad: Live coding made new


Audience: Anyone who likes live coding graphics

Makepad is a new livecoding environment for building fast UI, dataviz and graphics. It runs in a browser and has a unified multithreaded programming model where JS is compiled to the GPU. Editing code is done with a symbolic editor that allows for code modification with visual UI elements like layout editors, colorpickers and animation timelines. All of makepad is written in makepad itself and the work in progress can be seen here (MIT license): 

In this talk he will present the application and show the power of live coding in makepad.

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My little funky jazz guitar... isn't real! (seminar & workshop)

BeRo/Farbrausch (+ urs/mercury)

Audience: Musicians and coders, who want to have good sounding procedural instruments into their 64k intro soundtracks and 32k executable music soundtracks.

The topic of this talk is procedural synthesis of good sounding drums, physically-modelled piano, acoustic guitar and electric-guitar. It is a coding and math with physics related seminar-talk, which will be concluded by a workshop planned to happen at the same day as the seminar itself about using the tracker and the 64k synth core that makes this possible.

The workshop will then introduce you into the 64k synth tracker-based UI as a very short introduction, and then it will focus on the internal programming language of the 64k synth called "AULAN", and then it will explain you, how you can integrate the 64k synth engine code including your soundtrack into your 64kb intro code project or into your 32kb executable music code project. You do need either Microsoft Visual Studio 2015/2017 with the installed C/C++ compiler for the ANSI-C99 implementation variant of the 64k synth, or Delphi (only Version 7.x) or FreePascal (>= Version 3.0) for the ObjectPascal implementation variant of the 64k synth. And a computer with a fast modern CPU is recommended, at least a Sandbridge/Ivybridge i5 or i7 with four CPU threads, or a similiar AMD CPU. And your GPU for the 64k synth tracker-based UI should support at least OpenGL 3.2. The 64k synth tracker-based UI called CreamTracker itself is run-capable under Windows and Linux (natively with 32bit x86 Linux-userspace-system-libs and without the need of WINE).

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Fake News and Hate Speech - Legal implications, censorship, and what social media need to do


Audience: Everybody

The spreading of "fake news" (in Germany sometimes referred to as "Lügenpresse"), hate speech and sometimes blatantly, sometimes subtly wrong information seems unstoppable. Facts seem unnecessary to many when it comes to posting content, especially online. In this seminar, Netpoet sheds light on the legality of "fake news" and its consequences for social network providers, the authors of fake news (and who that can be), and, frankly, you.

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Demoscene graphics in print - The masters of Pixel Art


Audience: Everyone

In 2015 Prowler began the project to create art books focusing on pixel art and the stories of the demoscene graphics. A 50 min talk about the project "The masters of Pixel Art" - why was it was done, what were the challenges and which experience came out of it? He will also talk a bit about his own experience with graphics as Prowler and the love for pixel art, plus some selected high-lights from the work with a couple of featured artists.

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Big Sound in Small Amiga Packages

Hoffman / Focus Design & Unstable Label

Audience: Musicians and coders

Amiga intro music can sometimes sound a bit chippy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little bit of code and determination you can create much a bigger sound without breaking your Kb limit.

This seminar will run through the various techniques used to generate samples on Amiga using assembly and how this fits within the composition workflow. We will be pulling apart some of the music written with these tools to see how it all works.

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