New & Noteworthy

  • No GEMA worries. Wha? Really? Yes... This year we will have a "full GEMA license" so GEMA members or members of associated organizations are free to compete without us having to worry about huge bills. Having GEMA issues out of the way, this does not give you a free copyright card (so be carefull about sampled / ripped sounds) and you still need to list the composer of your entry's music, as we still need to submit an author list.
  • The PC Compo machine will be installed with Windows 10. This means that .net 3.5.x will no longer be available as a default install. .Net 4.5.2 will be available instead.
  • With the arrival of a stable live-voting system and an improved entry viewing/listening system in partymeister we will no longer anonymize the music and graphic competitions. After the party we will compare the voting statistics to see if name-voting is indeed winding down and if we can keep on displaying the author of an entry for these competitions.
  • PETSCII is now allowed in the ASCII/ANSI competition. PETSCII screens will also be shown using the Sahli viewer with the appropriate fonts.
  • To lower the stress-level of our music compo orga's, please provide some information on how to use the WAV-writer on your executable music entry. We don't have time to try out a multitude of command line options which seem logical to you but not to us.
  • Since a lot of people have asked for this, in the Paintover compo we'll now include your working stages in the release package.